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Preventing is better than Curing !

23-30 September 2019 Marrakech, Raising awareness about extremism and radicalization by creating a learning space through non-formal education, an open sharing space, mixed cultures and differentenvironments for young people through innovative and creative tools...read More

Colors of Diversity Training Course

The project aims to strengthen the competences of youth workers and youth leaders in finding proper approaches for fostering the inclusion.....read More

Young rowers 02 Agregento

It is important to be seen on the internet. You can have a great business but If people do not see nor find you, what does it profit you? We help you to be found on the internet...read More

You Deserve To Be Seen

Young Rowers Facing In Sailboats Youth Exchange
04-011 November 2018 Marrakech, Morocco

"Young Rowers Facing In Sailboats" bring together 40 participants (04 participants 18-30 years old + 01 group leader no age limit ) from 08 different countries (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco). This youth exchange is designed and dedicated to participants interested in human rights and in particular illegal immigration, through storytelling, new media, blogs, active citizenship and non-formal education. Offering them the opportunity to exchange ideas and points of view, to work together, and to express themselves through different methods.

E+ Green YE

05-12 April 2018 Nabeul, Tunisia

E+Green" is a multilateral youth exchange that will gather 30 young people and 6 leaders and 2 facilitators (in total 38 participants) from 6 countries (Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Poland and Greece) during 12-17 april 2018 in Nabeul, Tunisia. Through the spirit of active European citizenship, "E+Green" aims to underline the importance of environmental awareness practices in rural areas by the young participants through creative campaigns conducted using methods of non-formal education and through concrete actions to reduce the negative impact caused of man on the natural environment. At the same time, we want a better communication and to create a durable link between the young participants of the project and local residents.

RefugeE++ training Course

02-09 October 2018 Agrigento, Italy

RefugeE++ is an intеrnational training coursе gathеring 32 participants from 14 partner organizations: Italy, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Poland, Netherlands and Ireland. The projеct aims to create for youth workers from participant organizations, a professional intercultural space to develop competences, share best practices and network, regarding how to efficiently communicate, make visible and disseminate results of E+ projects dealing with refugees/migrants issues, both online and offline. The project is a follow up of RefugE+ project, a 6 day mobility for youth workers under E+, KA1, which aimed to train youth workers in the project management field and raise their awareness on the refugee/migrants topic.