Young Rowers 02

What We Do

Together 48 participants from Italy, Spain, France , Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco in Agrigento. This youth exchange is designed for young people, interested in human rights and in particular illegal immigration, through Media, social media, blogs, active citizenship and non-formal education.

What People Say About Us

It was an amazing project . A beautiful experience . I meet a beautiful friend there . We Recycled materials and up-cycled others our project in italy i'm so happy to be one of this groupe .
I participate and i could easily say that it was one of the most amazing experience i ever had .
During this 8 days i leved a lot of experience . 48 beautiful people from Turkey , Espagne , Italy , Morroco , France , Tunisia , Algeria , Greec learning about Making a Workshop and other activities .
literaly everything was a very good .... I would be so happy if i can try it again