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About Us

Freeminds in Action is a Italian youth organization founded in 2013 active at European level. Our group works about different kinds of projects. Our  mission is to empower young people to change their communityOne of our principal activities is connected to Erasmus+ program created by European Commission. The main target group of the organization is the youth people.

Freeminds in Action works on as well on the local projects in our region. We make and participate in exchange projects, conferences, workshops, debates, outdoor activities. We largely use non formal education methods. Every action of Freeminds contributes to the positive development of young people. The founders of organization believe that the open minded youth generation is the guarantee of a better future and that is why Freeminds pays a special attention to them and to the projects.

The organization actively works and it has partners and beneficiaries who are involved in activities Freeminds in action. The organization operates on a local level; it is also involved in activities across Europe and other continents. The organization promotes the youth development and participation in social life.


Objectives of Freeminds in Action:

  • To support young people and their development;
  • To support education at local, national and international level;
  • To include the young people and vulnerable groups in social life;
  • To organize activities promoting youth development and self-manifestation;
  • To encourage entrepreneurship at local, national and international level;
  • To reinforce enthusiastic youngsters by giving they chance to learn more and meet new people;
  • To improve healthy lifestyle and make popularize the way of education for the better future;
  • To increase level of active citizenship of young people and their motivation.
  • help Immigrants to integrate;
  • help refugees to rebuild their lives

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Via C. Darwin 10
92026 Favara (Ag)