What is a simulation game?

What is a simulation game? Is this concept useful for maintenance and development of social-oriented projects, youth policies, or local initiatives?

On the 11th of August, representatives of Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Romania, Russia, as well as Italians, gathered at Tre Torri Hotel, not far from Favara, to find out the answers to these questions, share their experience, and improve their leadership skills.

The training course “ToT Let’ Play a Game” was held as part of Erasmus+ projects. The programme was led by Daniela Alexeiciuc and consisted of various activities. Young activists and local leaders from all over Europe participated in diverse exercises focused on simulation games.

Enacting fictitious scenarios, such as discussing a development plan of a city, or composing a survival strategy in a galaxy falling apart, the participants broadened their vision of contemporary society in its complexity, got to know the difficulties of creating a social balance and maintaining control of a situation, and developed their social communication skills. They practiced in managing public discussions, resolving conflicts, and finding compromises. Such skills are of critical importance in the challenging situation that Europe and the whole world are facing now. As a final contribution, the participants exercised in developing their own simulation games.

The hotel staff provided anything that might be necessary for the training and helped create a positive atmosphere. Free Minds in Action, a local NGO that organized the project, and its head Issam Regragui Soussi, warmly welcomed the guests of Italy, and secured an impressive cultural programme of the event that included a visit to the Valle dei Templi, Scala dei Turchi, and sights in Favara, as well the famous Farm Cultural Park.

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