Y.E.S Youth Empowerment Strategies

Y.E.S Youth Empowerment Strategies
Training Course
24 February – 01 March, 2020
This training course has emerged from the need for new methods and approaches in the work of youth workers, especially the youth workers working with migrants and refugees in Europe in the recent period, need new methods, the art has the ability to collect them in a common denominator regardless of their past, regardless of their background. The project will provide youth workers with innovative and artistic methods that they can use in their work. This training program is based on formal and non-formal education with a participatory self-directed learning approach.
  • To help youth workers make informed choices and make decisions about their lives by making them aware of themselves. During the training, an artistic tool called Labyrinth Theater will be used to help them do this;
  • To teach youth workers how to use the labyrinthine theater tool in youth work;
  • show youth workers how to deal with them in a moment when they feel weak and uncomfortable;
  • To understand how young people’s perceptions of themselves affect their behavior;
  • To enable young people to make an easy transition from the learning processes during their education to their daily lives;
  • Ensure that youth workers reflect their own learning processes using the key competences included in Youthpass;
  • To enable yıoung people to discover the Erasmus + Program and actions as a capacity building tool.