02 October 2019

Preventing is better than Curing!  Youth exchange

Preventing is better than Curing! Bring together 48 young people from 08 countries (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Poland, Morocco, Tunisia, and Jordan) in Marrakesh.

The Youth exchange it’s designed and dedicated to young people interested in the prevention of extremism radicalization, in an artistic approach, by offering them the opportunity to exchange ideas and points of view, to work together and to express themselves through non-formal education and art.

We can summarize the following objectives:

—Raising awareness about extremism and radicalization by creating a learning space through non-formal education, an open sharing space, mixed cultures and different environments for young people through innovative and creative tools.

—The use of arts education, and non-formal education and sharing of good practices as a prevention tool and fight against radicalization.

—Create an international platform for organizations to share their experiences and the use of art as a tool for fighting and preventing radicalization.

—Better understand the opportunities of the Erasmus + program and non-formal education to promote European values of tolerance, understanding and respect for human rights.


 20 November 2018

Young Rowers Facing In Sailboats Youth Exchange

The youth exchange project “young rowers facing sailboats” bring together 40 participants (04 participants + 01 group leader) from 08 different countries (Italy, Spain, France , Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco),
our project took place in Marrakech (Morocco) and was addressing the theme of Illegal immigration through non-formal and informal education.

Our youth exchange was designed and dedicated to participants interested in human rights and in particular illegal immigration, through storytelling, new media, blogs, active citizenship and non-formal education. Offering them the opportunity to exchange ideas and points of view, to work together, and to express themselves through different methods.

During 07 days, participants had faced different challenges, meet new people with different backgrounds while sharing skills and developing new skills. At the end of this learning process, these newly acquired skills will be a basic building block for creating opportunities and exploring new opportunities on their way home.
In our project, self-reflection and non-formal education where the key elements.

The implemented objectives of the project are:
– To bring the public opinion to question the realities lived by the migrants and the refugees in order to change and have a new approach on this topic.
– create space for discussion, development of a reflection on issues of secrecy, Strengthen operational engagement and collaboration of civil society actors on the management of illegal immigration.
– Build capacity, highlight skills and motivate Participants and improve the quality of their intervention in society.
-Create a strategic partnership to improve the quality of youth work on the local and Euro-Mediterranean level.

Through, our project we produced an educational magazine that will help young working in non-formal education.


15 October 2018

RefugeE++ Training Course

RefugeE++ is an intеrnational training coursе gathеring 32 participants from 14 partner organizations: Italy, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Poland, Netherlands and Ireland.The projеct aims to create for youth workers from participant organizations, a professional intercultural space to develop competences, share best practices and network, regarding how to efficiently communicate, make visible and disseminate results of E+ projects dealing with refugees/migrants issues, both online and offline. The project is a follow up of RefugE+ project, a 6 day mobility for youth workers under E+, KA1, which aimed to train youth workers in the project management field and raise their awareness on the refugee/migrants topic.


03 October 2018


Oggi ad Agrigento “FreeMinds in Action”, alla presenza del Console Generale del Regno del Marocco, ha organizzato un incontro dibattito sui Rifugiati dal titolo “RefugeE++”.

L’organizzazione fa tappa ad Agrigento dopo essere stata in Marocco, Polonia, Spagna, Grecia e Tunisia.  Afare gli onori di casa, all’hotel tre torri del Villaggio Mosè, il presidente della Freeminds in action Issam Regragui Soussi, che ha moderato e tradotto il dibattito. Erano presenti all’incontro la Dr.ssa Fatima Baroudi, Console Generale del Regno del Marocco Circoscrizione: Sicilia – Calabria – Puglia, l’assessore alla solidarietà sociale del Comune di Agrigento Gerlando Riolo e il prof. Totó Montalbano della CISL.

L’evento rientra nel progetto internazionale promosso dal programma Erasmus+ che vede coinvolti 32 ragazzi provenienti da 14 nazioni ( Italia, Francia, Ungheria, Romania, Spagna, Irlanda, Polonia, Grecia, Turchia, Austria, Olanda, Germania, Slovacchia, Svezia).Il Tema del progetto sono i rifugiati e la loro integrazione nelle comunità locali.

Prossimi progetti saranno in Spagna, Tunisia, Regno Unito, Francia, Turchia, polonia e Marocco.














15 April 2018

E+Green Youth Exchange

Our Passage in Tunisia National Television 1  برنامج أهلا تونس   PROMOTION of E+GREEN
#ERARSMUSPlus #YOUTHEXCHANGE Agenzia Nazionale Giovani – ANG
#FreemindsInAction #EuMobility #Tunisia #Italy


12 April 2018

E+Green Youth Exchange 

Our project in Tunisia ” E+ Green” Erasmus Plus

E+ Green | Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, 05-11 April 2018 – Nabeul, Tunisia.


10 April 2018

E+Green Youth Exchange 

Our project in Tunisia ” E+ Green” Erasmus Plus

E+ Green | Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, 05-11 April 2018 – Nabeul, Tunisia.
#FreeMindsInAction  #ErasmusPlus Agenzia Nazionale Giovani – ANG #EuMobility #EgreenPlus #Tunisia


23 January 2018

Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani-Final Event of the National Expert Group

Campi Bisenzio (Tuscany)

FreeMinds in Action actively collaborates with Italian national agency. On the 23 January, the leaders of organization were invited by Italian National Agency on the final meeting of BPE – Becoming a part of Europe (http://bpe-project.eu/home/). This event collected together the experts from whole Italy to share their knowledge and experience and to discuss about how youth work can support young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Part of work of Freeminds widely concerns migration issues. The NGO creates on the local level the environment to grow inclusion of migrants in the society and civil project. This event was very important firstly because the representatives of Italian national agency gave certain feedback and suggestions about previous and future projects. Secondly, the director of organization had an opportunity to share around the round table the impact of project and future needs to improve the second part of training RefugE++. Thirdly, the action Ka3 was largely discussed and FreeMinds has the ideas to develop. Finally the organizers got lot of new ideas and knowledge from each other as well as invited experts. This meeting contained sessions in groups about the role and the competences of youth workers as facilitators of migrants inclusion in the local reality. The representatives of Freeminds had chance to get to know with other organizations who work on the similar topics and to share the experience also to plan the future actions with these new partners.


8 January 2018

Coming soon!!

E+Green Youth Exchange 

Nabeul-Tunisia April 2018

“E+Green” a multilateral youth exchange that will gather 30 youth people, 6 leaders and 2 facilitators (in total 38 participants) from 6 countries (Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Poland and Greece) during April 2018 in Nabeul,Tunisia.

Through the spirit of active European citizenship, “E+Green” aims to underline the importance of environmental awareness practices in rural areas by the young participants through creative campaigns conduced using methods of non-formal education and through concrete actions to reduce the negative impact caused of man on the natural environment. At the same time, we want a better communication and to create a durable link between the young participants of the project and local residents.


28 November 2017

RefugE+ | Erasmus+ Training Course

We present you the short video about our project RefugE+ .

RefugE+ | Erasmus+ Training Course, mobility activity of youth workers under Erasmus+, 21-28 Novembre 2017 – Agrigento, Italy.
#FreeMindsInAction  #RefugE+


27 November 2017

RefugE+ Training Course

During #RefugE+ training course in Agrigento, we had a chance to listen interesting presentations about Islam religion. Many detailed questions appeared during the presentations as the participants got really into the topic. Thank you Nurcan!!


24 November 2017

RefugE+ Training Course

Under the project RefugE+, Freminds in Acrion has organized a meeting with group of refugees. Guinean youngsters – Mamadou Diall, Ibrahim Diallo and Djibril Soriba Sow shared their life story with youth workers and the challenges they have faced. Their experience and struggling against life made participants teary-eyed. According these youth workers, most of them have never met refugees in life but only in TV and Thanks to Erasmus+ program and FreeMinds in action that happened and this was just an awesome moment of their working experience. Refugees spent all day with participants and socialized with different people. They are also invited to the cultural evenings organized by people from 9 countries. This significant event was also broadcasted by local media. Freeminds plans to organize the further activities with refugees and include more and more youngsters


02 October 2017

Coming soon!!

RefugE+ Training Course

Agrigento-Italy 21-28 November 2017

8 day mobility activity of youth workers under Erasmus+ aimed to train youth workers in the project management field and raise their awareness on the refugee/migrants topic.


22 September 2017

ToT let’s play a game – Training Course – Erasmus Plus – Favara 11-20 September 2017


18 September 2017

ToT Let’s play a game training course Erasmus+ Favara 11-20 September17 interview Salvatore Di Carlo


16 September 2017

FreeMinds in Action & Farm Cultural Park

On the 16th of September, the participants of Erasmus + program Training Course project “Tot Let’s Play a Game” visited the Farm cultural park – an art gallery and exhibition space located in Favara, Sicily in Italy. (More info at www.farmculturalpark.com) . Since its opening in 2010, the Farm Cultural Park has attracted many tourists and artists from all over the world. The participants from 10 countries were delighted to visit this amazing place and to discover unexpectedly the modern art in ancient Sicilian city.
The founder of Farm cultural park Andrea Bartoli met young leaders warmheartedly and represented its work and history of park as well as his future plans. He has mentioned how him and his wife Florinda got several buildings in the old center of Favara and renovated them, created a cultural center that now hosts plenty of expositions, exhibitions of international and local artists. This place is a meeting point of artists and people who love art and creativity. The talks in local bars near the pool and green area with Italian coffee let people think in the new and more creative way to feel the future or even create it. The participants had activity session, the debate and exchanges of ideas with the founder Andrea. FreeMinds in Action will continue to collaborate with the Farm Cultural Park for further projects

FreeMinds in Action & Farm Cultural Park